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At Factory we're not keen on the adverts - but we do love to tell stories.

We believe that engaging content is THE way to reach audiences and build an authentic relationship with them.  How do we do that?

We listen: to our clients, to their customers and to our audiences.

We create content that resonates, by telling real stories with warmth, heart, & energy, that give a fresh perspective - or a different point of view.

Visit London


BBC Storyworks/ London & Partners

Dr Shini Somara is a physicist and engineer living and working in London, in this film she shares her passion for Greenwich a part of the capital synonymous with science and travel.


Four Ways To Wear

Working with fabric softener, Comfort, online platform, Yahoo.  Fashion journalist Louise Roe comes to the rescue of five women, helping them to find exciting new ways to wear the clothes they already own.

Visit Scotland

Fashion designer, Siobhan Mackenzie shares her love of the Scottish countryside and inspiration behind her work.

Screen Shot 2021-03-13 at 19.17.03.png

Visit Wales

TV Presenter Gethin Jones shares his passion for his home country, Wales



BBC Storyworks

Created for a technology conference in the UAE exploring the cutting edge of the relationship between humans and technology - this film is about Neil Harbisson a musician and cyborg, living in Barcelona

Screen Shot 2021-03-13 at 19.23.56.png

The Edge  Summit

Working with Global conference The Edge in the UAE we created a series of short films about the future of technology and our relationship with it. Here with the firefighters of California and their use of tech to see through smoke and save lives.  


Working with Lisa and the Factory Films team was a delight. From the first research chat to filming the end product, care and quality were always the top priority. When all the prep is done well, it allows flexibility on the filming days, and  they had the confidence to let the story unfold. I’m very proud of the film we made, and how enjoyable experience it was.

Gethin Jones, presenter

Swedish microchips


BBC Storyworks

Created for the Edge of Government conference in the UAE we produced a series of films which explored the relationship between people and technology at the cutting edge. In this film the Swedes who had chosen to have a microchip implant. 

Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 16.57.49.png
Screen Shot 2021-03-13 at 19.23.37.png


Trulia is the most cutting-edge real estate company in the USA – this documentary charts the people and projects behind their dynamic website during an inspiring innovation week.

Visit Manchester

Stan Chow is a renowned Manchester based artist and illustrator. In this film he shares his favourite things about the city he calls home.


Thanks for making such a beautiful, uplifting, generous show for Sky Arts.

(Anyone Can Sing TX 2022)

Phil Edgar-Jones, Director,  Sky Arts

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