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Art, music, theatre, books & films made with love in Brighton & Glasgow

The Factory team has over 25 years' experience  delivering high-quality, award-winning work to British broadcasters and international distributors: documentaries, fact-ent formats and live broadcasts.  We enjoy excellent relationships with the commissioners at Sky Arts, Channel 4 and the BBC and work closely with a network of distributors to ensure our work is also broadcast globally.

In Search of Sir Walter Scott


BBC Scotland TX

Summer 2021

A documentary for BBC Scotland to mark the 250th anniversary of the birth of this literary legend, presented by writer Damian Barr.

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Glyndebourne Opera Cup Live Final


Sky Arts 2020

Returning for its second outing, this prestigious singing competition is hosted on stage by comedian and opera fan Chris Addison and on Sky Arts by soprano Danielle de Niese

Huey Morgan's Latin Music Adventure


BBC4 2020

Musician and Radio 6 Music DJ, Huey Morgan travels to Brazil, Cuba and Puerto Rico in search of the source of Latin Music - meeting Latin Music legends and going on a journey of personal musical discovery.

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I Hate Jane Austen


Sky Arts

Writer and Critic Giles Coren hates Jane Austen. A cast of expert and celebrity fans explain to him why they are right, and he is wrong.

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Anyone Can Sing

A brand new Sky Arts TV series following 6 of the UK & Eire's worst singers to receive expert vocal training with the English National Opera. We're going to transform voices from screeching in the shower to singing opera in just 3 months!

To be broadcast Autumn 2021

In Session With...

BBC4  2020

Intimate musical performances shot on location in Cuba, Puerto Rico and Brazil

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Skin Deep

BBC Three

Six extraordinary young women reveal how their lives were impacted by their facial appearance. Thought-provoking and inspiring, with many difficult times battled, they’ve each ultimately been empowered by their experiences.

 Working with Factory was a joy from start to finish, refreshingly free of wankerishness. I'd have to give them 100% if they hadn't lost my sunglasses.

Giles Coren, journalist and presenter

Glyndebourne Opera Cup 2018


Sky Arts Series

A series following this inaugural talent search across the world from Berlin to Philadelphia as the Glyndebourne team track down the very best opera singing talent. With a live final on Sky Arts, presented by writer/comedian Chris Addison and soprano Danielle de Niese.

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Arts and Crafts



Interior Designer, Sophie Robinson explores the creative genius of the arts and crafts artists: William Morris, Burne-Jones and Frank Brangwyn.

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My Failed Novel

Sky Arts

Giles Coren wrote a novel - it was a terrible flop. But why? He meets the critics that panned it, the literary agent who couldn't help, and gets advice about writing and failure from, among others, Jeffrey Archer, Rose Tremaine and Howard Jacobson.

Brighton: 50 Years of Gay


To mark the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality, Simon Fanshawe talks to those who remember life before the change in the law and explores the pivotal role Brighton played in history.

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Stripped Bare


All 4

Young people describe their life changing relationship with make-up. Winner of RTS Award

Gay Sex, Apps and Me

All 4

Harry Hitchens is a blogger who came out on Youtube. Now he's thinking about dating...and dating apps.
Winner of RTS Award Best Newcomer.

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River Walks with JB Gill


Musician and farmer JB Gill follows the path of the Kentish Stour from Godmersham to the sea - telling the tales of the people who live and work along the river

Writers of Rye


Writer and book lover Damian Barr takes a trip to the Sussex town of Rye to uncover its literary past and present.


Proud to work with


I love working with the Factory team - they care about the subjects they’re handling, they’ve got creativity in their bones and they’ve got the skills and self-confidence to allow themselves to be flexible. It’s a great combination.

Chris Addison, writer, director and comedian.