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For the last decade we've been working with broadcasters, branded and arts organisations

We believe in making great content WITH people, not just ABOUT them. We have lots of great ways of doing that, and we're especially proud that we've worked again and again with the same people and organisations. We think that must mean we're doing a good job. 


But don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of our colleagues and collaborators say about working with us.

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Thanks for making such a beautiful, uplifting, generous show for Sky Arts.

(Anyone Can Sing TX 2022)

Phil Edgar-Jones OBE, Director,  Sky Arts

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Working with Lisa and the Factory Films team was a delight. From the first research chat to filming the end product, care and quality were always the top priority. When all the prep is done well, it allows flexibility on the filming days, and they had the confidence to let the story unfold. I’m very proud of the film we made, and how enjoyable experience it was.

Gethin Jones, presenter

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Working with Factory was a joy from start to finish, refreshingly free of wankerishness. I'd have to give them 100% if they hadn't lost my sunglasses.

Giles Coren, journalist and presenter

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Team Factory are creative, hard-working and fun to work with - always ready to come up with ideas and go the extra mile. They have created branded projects for BBC Storyworks that have delivered for both us and our clients.

Nick Meyern, Global Vice President Brand Partnerships at BBC Studios

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I love working with the Factory team - they care about the subjects they’re handling, they’ve got creativity in their bones and they’ve got the skills and self-confidence to allow themselves to be flexible. It’s a great combination.

Chris Addison, writer, director and comedian

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Our project with Factory Films, producing ‘Dyslexia: Make a difference’ for BBC Teach, was exciting and fascinating, enriched by Lisa’s zeal for giving young people a voice in promoting positive ways forward for young people with dyslexia. The process from inception to completion was both smooth and organised. The experience for the young people involved could not have been more positive.

Jill Walkinton & Debbie Harris  -  @dyslextricks

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Sassy. Classy. Glossy... not a hint of hassly.

Benedetta Pinelli, Sky Arts Commissioner

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