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Learning, outreach and engagement with new audiences, young and old.

The Factory team have decades of experience delivering educational and learning content.


In the early 2000s Julie and Lisa were part of a team that delivered the first projects to Teachers' TV and since then have created video content for both teachers, students and adult learners - working for BBC Bitesize, BBC Teach, CBBC and Ed Tech companies.


We have a tried and tested method we use for each project. Defining our audience, understanding teachers' and pupils' needs, examining curricula, looking at the latest pedagogy and then coming up with a creative solution that will engage and inspire.


Our project with Factory Films, producing ‘Dyslexia: Make a difference’ for BBC Teach, was exciting and fascinating, enriched by Lisa’s zeal for giving young people a voice in promoting positive ways forward for young people with dyslexia. The process from inception to completion was both smooth and organised. The experience for the young people involved could not have been more positive.

Jill Walkinton & Debbie Harris  -  @dyslextricks

BBC Teach Dyslexia


Children explain what having dyslexia is like for them and how teachers can best support them in the classroom.

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Lifelong Learning

Series of short films about adults returning to learning and overcoming the obstacles.

functional maths.jpg

Functional Maths


BBC Bitesize

Films to support learners with their maths in a vocational context; health & beauty, sport & leisure, administration & retail

National 4/5 Physics


BBC Bitesize Scotland

Across 27 films we explain core concepts in the National 4/5 Physics curriculum

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Spain Team Fan



BBC Bitesize

We have completed projects for both GCSE and KS3 learners in Spanish - shot on location in Madrid, and working with native Spanish speakers



BBC Bitesize

We have produced films for GCSE for BBC Teach, and for KS3 for BBC Bitesize, working on location in Germany and with native speakers in the UK. With linguists on our team we are passionate about encouraging the next generation of language learners.




BBC Bitesize

We created both topic and grammar films for KS3 to support new curriculum being brought in for MFL

Bitesize Art & Design



Series of films featuring young artists supporting portfolio work for art & design students

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Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 18.11.10.png


Working with Ed Tech company to show how teachers and pupils use their products in real life.

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What Makes
Me Tic



Three young people with Tourette's share their stories


Team Factory are creative, hard-working and fun to work with - always ready to come up with ideas and go the extra mile.. They have created branded projects for BBC Storyworks that have delivered for both us and our clients.

Nick Meyern, Global Vice President Brand Partnerships at BBC Studios

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