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Being An Intern At Factory Films.

I'm Max, I've been here for a week and a half, and I can already say I've loved it!

I didn’t really know what to expect from this internship, from general knowledge I thought my role would just be to make tea and coffee all day and not get a chance to get some hands on experience, luckily however, I was very wrong! From learning brand new skills and meeting some amazing people, to the general positive atmosphere and collaborative environments, my time here has been well spent.

During my internship, FactoryFilms were in the midst of producing 'The Gods Of The Game', a football themed opera for sky arts to be aired around the time of the 2022 world cup. Football and opera, two topics I held zero love for personally, and yet even in the short time since being here I've learnt the name of every football club and team in the northwest, and even added Pavarotti to my playlists!

Although soon to be graduating with an English Literature and Creative Writing Bachelors, I was shocked to find how little I had been prepared for the working world, especially in such a fast paced industry like TV. However being here for these two weeks has filled in those gaps a Covid-19 and strike stricken university experience had left, with advice on how to begin, where to look and how to make myself known as someone wishing to join the industry and become a tv-script writer.

Learning important skills for my career such as casting outreach, the indepth natures of background checks and social media targeting that will set me apart from most recent graduates.

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to be a location scout for another new project, to research content for ‘sizzles’ aka trailers for international clients and to get incontact with members of the public about joining our chorus!

Intotal this period of internship at Factory Films has set me up for my career more so then my three years at university, like a proverbial rocket that's been given the right fuel and right trajectory to shoot for the stars, as much as that is a cliche it is an accurate analogy. University painted that rocket to look like a fancy NASA engineered model, but the short time here prepped the engine I wasn't even aware existed!

I owe it all to Lisa Fairbank! For teaching me every skill I would ever need as I enter such a fast paced and competitive career!

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