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Catch a rare performance of Handel's La Resurrezione on Sky Arts this Bank Holiday Monday.

Updated: May 27, 2021

We are giddy to be bouncing back into production in 2021 with a performance of Handel's Resurrection featuring; Brindley Sherratt, Danielle de Niese and Lawrence Zazzo... The concert will be broadcast on Sky Arts on 3rd May @ 7pm. "We knew in the room that this performance was special, but as a TV producer my priority is always the audience at home. What can I give them that makes their viewing experience feel unique; emotional, immersive & intimate? The solution was a combination of remote cameras, and two highly experienced DoP's with prime lenses who could give our audience the sense of being not only in the room, but amongst the orchestra and singers." Julie Heathcote, Director - Sky Arts Handel La Resurrezione


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