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Development Producer, Harry :"TV is like a magic trick."

In the next episode of our podcast, Is TV for Me? we talk to Development Producer, Harry Smyth about the highs and lows of developing and pitching factual tv programmes.

We first met Harry years ago, before Factory was even invented, when we were all working for another Brighton-based TV production company. Harry was really only just out of university, but we could see that he was a talent to watch. Years later when we started Factory we would often say to each other that we needed a "Harry". That is, someone who could help us come up with ideas and shape them into projects.

Since then, Harry has worked for us at various times, not just as a Development Producer - which he does brilliantly - but also as a producer on Spanish Bitesize films we made ( Harry is a native speaker of Spanish), as helping us produce our Latin Music series and as a script writer on some comedy shorts we produced. When Harry isn't working for us ( which is never as much as we'd like) or as a Development Producer he freelances as a writer, podcaster and most recently has made the move into script writing for drama.

We hope you enjoy the episode.

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