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Do you love football... and singing?

Allez, allez, allez! If you like belting out a tune in the stands... if love to sing and love football, then we're looking for you!

We're producing a brand new football-themed opera for Sky Arts at Grange Park Opera, Surrey which will be broadcast in November 2022 in the lead up to the world cup. As part of the production we are training up 40 footy fans to perform as part of the chorus, and we're filming the whole thing for a behind-the-scenes documentary, Footy Fan to Opera Star.

The vocal training and filming will take place over two weekends this Summer , 13/14th August and 27/28th August, and the singers will be helped on their way by opera singer and vocal coach from our show Anyone Can Sing, Nicky Spence.

It's a wonderful opportunity for ANYONE who loves football and singing... what else are you going to do before the season starts again?

If you're interested please email for more information.

Here we go... here we go... here we go....!

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