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"Tune in for Happiness".... Anyone Can Sing a hit with the critics

Episode one of our lovely series, ANYONE CAN SING went out on Sky Arts this week and we've had some great feedback which we thought we'd share:

* * * * *

“I think we can all agree The X Factor was too cruel and Starstruck is a bit too kind. So well done to Sky Arts for finding the middle ground with its beautifully uplifting operatic challenge show Anyone Can Sing. Everyone taking part accepts that bad singers are funny, but the aim here is to do something about it. As vocal coach and mentor Sarah Pring says, “Anyone can sing – you just need the confidence.” Ian Hyland, The Daily Mirror’s TV Diary

* * * * *

"I rather liked this show, because it was all about the art. There was no one getting kicked out at the end, no faux jeopardy or tension, and there was proper, expert teaching for wannabe singers from the tenor Nicky Spence and the English National Opera coaches Sarah Pring and Michael Harper. It was moving to see how Luke’s tics and stammering, caused by Tourette’s, vanished when he sang. Maybe we will see a mini-version of The King’s

Speech. I still doubt anything could help me sing.” Carol Midgeley, The Times

* * * * *

"It's one of life's little cruelties that bad singing is reliably entertaining - that's why karaoke was invented. But Anyone Can Sing was by turns hilarious and heart-warming. "

Roland White, Daily Mail

* * * * *

“The appeal lies in the six disparate characters finding their voices in every sense”

Radio Times

* * * * *

“Lovely, supportive show from the start” Daily Mail, Weekend

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